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Accessories, Inc. of Wichita Warranty Policy
Units functionally tested and/or time re-certified only, will not be covered by any warranty.

Units repaired or overhauled will be warranted for one hundred eighty (180) calendar days from date of shipment or two hundred and fifty hours (250) of aircraft operation, whichever occurs first. This warranty coverage applies only to component parts replaced and the circuits and/or functions not repaired or replaced during initial repair will be the responsibility of the customer.
Exceptions: Starters and Vacuum Pumps will be warranted for three hundred and sixty (360) calendar days.

Exchange units will be warranted for one hundred and eighty-calendar days (180) from date of shipment or two hundred and fifty hours (250) of aircraft operation, whichever occurs first.
Exchange starters and vacuum pumps will be warranted for three hundred and sixty-calendar days (360).

New manufacture or manufacturer overhauled exchange units will be covered exclusively by the manufacturer’s warranty provisions. The manufacturer’s warranty determination will prevail.


All warranty return claims must be received by Accessories, Inc. no later than two weeks after the warranty expiration date, and must include: Accessories, Inc. invoice number, complete details of failure, time on unit, requested action to be taken, and the date purchased, or claim may be delayed or rejected. Labor required for removal, reinstallation, or other related charges are the sole responsibility of the customer.

All shipping charges, customs duties, taxes, tariffs, or other related charges will be the sole responsibility of the customer. All shipments should be insured for replacement value. Proper packaging technique must be used or any warranty benefits may be voided.

Accessories, Inc. warrants all parts installed and labor expended to be free from defects in material and workmanship, respectively, at time of shipment. Units returned to Accessories, Inc. for warranty repair that are found to be within manufacturer’s tolerances and specifications will be subject to re-certification charges.
Accessories, Inc. shall not be obligated if examination discloses that reported defects or malfunctions are due to improper storage, handling, installation, operation or general misuse. At any time, warranty is only applicable to the actual portion of a component repaired or replaced by Accessories, Inc., and not to individual parts or portions of components that were not replaced or serviced by this facility, regardless of reported condition of components at the time of, or prior to any failure.
There are no express or implied warranties by Accessories, Inc., which extend beyond the description, of the face hereof. Except for the provisions set forth above, there are no warranties of merchantability or otherwise. The extent of Accessories, Inc.’s liability under this warranty is limited to the repair of repaired or overhauled units and at our option, the repair or replacement of exchanged units. All other remedies against Accessories, Inc. for consequential or other damages arising out of the sale, use, or operation of the accessory are excluded.